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My Sewing Machines are Taking Over!

I was so excited today to finally put up some pics of my growing sewing machine collection, but as luck would have it the battery died on my camera and my husband has the charger at work! Oh well looks like I will have to finish this up tomorrow.

I have swore off estate sales until I can weed out some of my sewing machine collection, but as I was going to the bank this morning there it was the estate sale sign, just begging me to come check it out. As usual I didn’t leave empty handed I left with a Pfaff 130 sewing machine for 10 bucks! It was pretty dusty, needs a belt and a bobbin tire, but other than that looks pretty good after I get my camera working again I will post some pics of what it looked like when I got it and hopefully what it looks like after I clean it up.

Rest of the day I will be making fabric so hopefully I will post some of that as well!

Take care everyone!!